11th Post

- This is 11th post -
This few weeks I've been busy working on 2nd Semester which I've to study 3 major science
subject. (-.-) Biology, General Chemistry and also Physics. Just imagine you have to rush this
3 subject in 3 months (14weeks) and another 2 minor subject which is the
Health Education and also English langauge (IELTS).
Rushing is not the problem? Hmm... The worst thing is every 3 weeks and a test or an exam.
Wah... college life also not easy yah? Maybe only for this year's fondation . (Hehe)
I hope to come out for more photos on this blog but my camera is not here...
I'll try my best to post some photos after next week's test .
Kay la... Study study! (=O=)


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