Birthday again and again
Is a guy named Alexender Wong A.k.a Andrea Property 's Birthday!
We gave him a suprise birthday and he is like so cool. Nothing! Nothing coming...
But the part i take out the cake no people snap photos for me . T_T
At the same time we also celebrate back Jason's birthday.
We make them like "couple".
Here are the snap shots:
As always the playful guys of Batch 1. The cake. (RM???)
In the dark.
Both of them wishing. Jason wishing for a gf and Alex wishing for a bf.
Haiya... Kantoi already lah...
Sharing is caring.
A nearer shot.
(Don't wan explain so much, later i end up in hospital.)
How sweet is it? Hehe.
This guy know how to eat cake only, but don;t know how to wish people 1st.
Hungry ghost.
Thats Btach 1 FHS student. Active, Young, Playful and Rocks!
As always.


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