Night after Exam!

Party Time!
This is how we celebrate after our final Semester 1 exam!
Yes! Is whisky! We drank it silently =x
At the same time, that day is Jason's birthday, the girls
take thier risk to come and wish him. Why?
It's midnight! If the guards found out, we're dead xD.
Here are some picture:
Whisky (Looks Yummy)

Whisky Mixed Coca-cola

Birthday boy. The biggest cup of whisky!

The girls who came to wish Jason.

Dominic present birthday song to Jason.
What a good moment for Jason.
Really best friend of him.

Benji also present a song too as requested
by the birthday boy!

There are more coming out after this post! The next post will the celebrating of Alexender Wong ( Hip Hop MUCH) and Jason Tey (again).


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