Piece of my crap

- 12th -
-That's What I Wanted To Know-
All this while I've been living in a situation of getting scolded and pressured.
No people there to share my feelings or to acompany me... No body... That moment, I really break down and feel so unusefull so useless so nothing in this world. I just cried alone...
No one ever praise me before. I have no talent no skills .
Somehow I knew that everything my Dad does for me is for my very own future.
But the way he cares bout me is way to... Haiz...
Arguing and fight back every single day, just 3 family members in the house
why cant just keep peace and treasure every moment we spend togather?
The attitude of mine today was brought up from young. Rude, rough and straight foward person
was a bad attitude of mine. Just can't change it till today...
All this while I know my weakness is I cant take people's criticisms. I've been a blamming object since young. (Hope my friends understand it)
To me, friendship is quite important for me.
Anyone know how the only child feels?
I've been immerse in this feeling for a long time.
The meeting between the roomate really make me wanted to change.
But somehow what I'm not satisfy with them I just couldn't tell them. They are just perfect, only I'm the sucker maybe. Sad but happy to solve my very own problem that i wanted to know from the starting of the day when I enter this house of mine now.
Hope everyone change to be a better person in life, respect by other people.
I want to share something.
Forgiveness is the sign of peace.
War started when both opposition dont want to forgive each other.
Try to forgive each other. You will feel better.


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