Fong Lye - The Gardens

-13th post-
Loaction: The Gardens (Mid Valley Megamall)
Place: Fong Lye - Taiwan Restaurant
^^ Hi guys. Today i bring u to jalan-jalan cari makan by Juhann (so cold...) xD
My parent came down to visit me last week.
Then my cousin brother took us for a lunch, we had it in Fong Lye restaurant in The Gardens.
The food there, undescribable bah. Vivid~~ ^^
Here are some picture i would like to share
Fong Lye's Menu
Inside the menu. My dad oder Soo Hoon with roasted duck. (RM19.90)
Fried rice with prawns. (RM12.00)
This is what i oder. Black paper beef with rice.
Sweet potato balls for desert. (RM5.50)
Thanks to my gor gor =D
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