Hi, Im back from long holiday just after my birthday =x
Exactly a month I did not write my blog cause ...
Simple: Alot of my excuses and im lazy to list it out xD
Somehow after I saw my BRO leave me comment ask me to update,
I went back Kuantan last weekend =D
Damn, quite fun too . I meet my friends and had fun with them.
Yea, I love being in Kuantan.
Almost everyday I went yumcha with a "Freak" and his apperentice
hahas. I dont meant it. You know that right, Mr Chin?
I did practice to bake some "cupcakes" too
, but actually it is muffin == I dont know why it come out to be
Well, I did it with the help of my mum xD
Without machines and even a weighing machine in gram =.=
I use an oz weighing machine...
I took some photos but i dint snap a photo of my cupcakes
when is done...haha
Apple Raisin Muffin
Everything i use is ORGANIC
Healthy Muffin =x
Without the help of machine was quite hard...
It took 20mins to melt the butter ><
After the mixing of flour, raisin, chopped apples and eggs.Yea~
pretty pretty "cupcakes" ^^


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