She takes me high

A week that fullfills me is the week where I've my CNY break
Somehow is the most unforgetable week so far...
Spend time wif frens and family and relatives
Visiting each other house.
Having fun wif each other after a long time break up. Fuh...
The best part is
A good fren of mine take us out for free movie
and i went out wif a special fren of mine tat came back
from taiwan =0)
i met this person in national service
It is proud to have her as my fren. Seriously i meant it...
right... all good things always come to an end.
Somehow i did mistakes that i really dont
want it to happen..
Well, thing that is done we dont really
want to recall it.
Time will neutralize every problem.

Is hard to find a fren like her
I just wanted to have her as best fren
If she decided to ignore me
Well... Is worst than i lost a love one


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