You Say YOur English Is Bad?

I went to see my fur rent last week because wrong time i no see them. Me, Tong Sam Pah, Tap Sum Bong and a na-yi-ge went for lunch. That time I is very hungry so we stop at the nearest Mad-Nona in Teluk Jackfruit. We ate Mad-Nona Fistless O Fist and Big Mad and Fun Fliess too!
So happy!

Later on, we is very bored so Tong Sam Pah say go kalah OK! So we went to Merah Box megamall. Me and others watch Tap Sum Bong sing and sing until the sky bright. Then next morning we go Wong Ah Jang road eat dim some.

The next day, my family side had wet thing dinner. I is happy then I go buy new clothing for the wet thing dinner. They treat us with a big fist that nine! I is so satisfy cause i can taste the taste of a bond a knee VIVID~~! Thats all for to nine. Took Care! Sweep drink!

Worm regard:
I is Ju


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